Glow in the Dark


If you want to waste your life away planning grand projects that involve knocking holes in walls, building slides instead of stairs and making dreams a reality then this is the place for you! There are some things I’ve seen on Pinterest that have made me SO excited, I just fall in love with these amazing ideas. The only problem is that for a long time Holly hasn’t been old enough to do many of them. She tried to eat anything we put in front of her so they’ve been on hold until that stage was over.

Hoooowever, when I saw the ‘Glow Bath’ on Pinterest I saved into my mental ‘to-do’ box. It’s an old idea now and I’m sure if you haven’t tried it then you’ve seen it. It is well worth a punt. You can pick up glow sticks from eBay or from the pound shop for pennies. It’s not a bank breaking idea .

We finally got round to trying it and it was a HUGE success!

All hail the glow bath!



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