Little Chocolate Pots

Chocolate Pots, Pin

I LOVE Dessert.

There’s a part of me that’s always disappointed if dinner comes and dessert doesn’t follow.

The only problem is that sometimes dessert takes a loooong time. There isn’t always time to bake so masterpiece, so when I find something quick and easy that I like it’s always a hit.

These little chocolate pots are superb. They’re made with Greek Yoghurt not just pure cream which makes them that little bit healthier, only a little mind you.

We made them for a little party at our new house and they looked superb on the table. I’ve also never had so much help in the kitchen 🙂 Have a look below.

Top Tip: I bought some plastic disposable shot glasses so they could just be thrown away afterwards!

recipe-card-choc pots

2013-03-29_003 2013-03-29_004 2013-03-29_005 2013-03-29_006 2013-03-29_007 2013-03-29_0082013-03-29_009


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