A Quick Fix

Sometimes I can be a little bit too tidy.

I like to open a drawer and see everything in its rightful place. It’s a good job my husband loves me, because I have been known to alphabetise our herb rack before now. It’s sad, but it’s true!

Today I unpacked some more boxes from our house move. I sorted out some of the things in my office into some old plastic drawers and I realised how messy it all looked. I decided to do a super quick fix.

Opened InDesign.

Made a label.



Inserted into drawer.


My super messy drawers look a lot better.

It cost all of three sheets of A4 and some printer ink and was ready in five minutes. Rather pleased if I do say so myself!

Take a look.

B&A DSCF7638 DSCF7639 DSCF7640 DSCF7642 Pin


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